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img_0879-7PolaPair is a rolled good, cryogenic blanket that combines a reflector layer and separator. This product comes in supplied lengths of 100, 200, and 500 ft. and allows the user to wrap a particular product in individual layers to suit their given insulation requirements.

MLI blankets, sometimes known as superinsulation blankets for cryogenic use, function by minimizing heat transfer from warmer surfaces into environments at very low temperatures, where liquid elements are stored. The effectiveness of superinsulators is based on an items ability to separate and limit radiative and conductive heat transfer from layer to layer

All of the Passive Thermal Control products in the Pola family line are made up of polyester thin films coated with vacuum deposited aluminum and polyester fabric separators. The basic makeup of the Pola product line is a ¼ mil thick Double Aluminized Mylar (DAM) thin film by spunbonded polyester fabric.

PolaPair 2 is similar to PolaPair, but is constructed with two layers of spacer material for each layer of reflector.

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