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Spacewrap™ Super100

Spacewrap™ Super100

img_1301The Spacewrap family of products represents prefinished layups of MLI blankets that can be cut to shape by each customer to fit their individual needs. These prefinished MLI blankets consist of Polyimide film in between layers of Dacron netting.

At AFM, we provide our customers with the highest quality product possible. That’s why all of our Spacewrap family of products contain 1/3 mil double aluminized Kapton film for its ability to hold physical, electrical, and mechanical properties over a wide variety of temperature ranges as well as the harshest of conditions.

Spacewrap Super “100”  The Super X series of Spacewrap Multilayer Insulation rolls consist of 10 layer blankets that can be customized according to length. Spacewrap Super 100 would refer to a MLI blanket 100 ft in length, Super 75 would be a blanket of 75ft in length, etc.

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