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SpaceWrap™ is a prefabricated layup of multilayer insulation. SpaceWrap™ is available in a variety of standard layer counts, or to your custom specification. SpaceWrap™ is ideal for the on-site manufacturing of multilayer insulation systems for spacecraft applications where weight is critical.

SpaceWrap™ combines multiple layers of ultrathin and lightweight 0.25 mil (6 µm) polyester film interleaved with lightweight low-conducting polyester netting. The polyester film is coated with aluminum on both sides for high thermal performance. This combination of materials has been tested and proven in the aerospace industry. Lot traceability and material certification is available upon request.

Standard configurations of SpaceWrap™ come in a length of 10 linear feet and a film width of 48 inches. Layer counts of 10, 15 and 20 reflectors are available or custom orders to your specification. Reflector films are available with a standard perforation pattern of 2.1% open area. Other perforation patterns are available by custom order.

Contact AFM for current availability and pricing, or to inquire about custom sizing or preparation.

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