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Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms

Because the products that we create are an integral component in your application, they are just as important to us as they are to you. This is why we take the integrity of our MLI blankets and other products seriously. In addition to our cleaning procedures we operate multiple clean rooms for our manufacturing. AFM offers over 4,000 sq ft of multiple, independently controlled, clean rooms so we can meet every client’s needs and cleanliness tolerances. From the smallest of our clean rooms at 400 sq ft to our largest clean room at 1,200 sq ft, each is maintained at a minimum ISO Class 8 (Fed-Std 209 Class 100,000), and can be set up to meet ISO Class 7 (Fed-Std 209 Class 10,000) if a project requires. Because we have multiple rooms that are independently controlled for maximum flexibility, we can work on multiple projects at the same time for maximum efficiency.


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