Our engineers and technicians have experience working with, developing, designing, and fabricating a variety of high temperature MLI materials. 

  • Elevated Temperature (up to 300° C)
    Materials that are used for these applications include polyimide films, Nomex® threads, and PTFE impregnated glass cloth.
  • High Temperature (300° C to 1000° C)
    MLI blankets that will be used in this temperature range typically include graphite cloth, ceramic textiles, and fiberglass fabrics.
  • Ultra High Temperature (1000° C and above)
    Materials that are used in this temperature extreme include refractory metal foils (coated and uncoated), ceramic and silicon carbide textiles, graphic cloth, and silica fiber felt.


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Aerospace Fabrication & Materials produces a wide range of engineered solutions for cryogenic tanks, systems, and subsystems. We have provided various MLI systems for small dewars to large cryogenic storage vessels. These thermal control systems provide effective barriers to heat flow in vacuum environments. The reflective layers, made of foils or thin metalized films, attenuate the radiation from the warmer surface. These layers are often separated by spacers that provide low solid conduction while maintaining a separation between the reflectors. With proper application, these blankets can provide extremely low effective thermal conductivities.

We produce MLI systems for clients ranging from Universities to large commercial operations. Each project presents different challenges and our engineers work with the customers to identify requirements and develop designs in order to meet these requirements and retire risk to the system.

Our staff provides up front material suggestions, develops designs, creates finished parts and provides installation as required. No project is too large or small.  Our line of cryogenic materials (PolaPair, PolaLam, and PolaWrap) can be incorporated into your designs as necessary.  We can provide custom cut kits of finished blankets pre-cut on our CNC cutting machines for customer installation. Contact our engineering staff to discuss your insulation needs.


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