Customized Fastener Tapes

Our engineers and technicians have experience working with, developing, designing, and fabricating a variety of high temperature MLI materials. 

  • Elevated Temperature (up to 300° C)
    Materials that are used for these applications include polyimide films, Nomex® threads, and PTFE impregnated glass cloth.
  • High Temperature (300° C to 1000° C)
    MLI blankets that will be used in this temperature range typically include graphite cloth, ceramic textiles, and fiberglass fabrics.
  • Ultra High Temperature (1000° C and above)
    Materials that are used in this temperature extreme include refractory metal foils (coated and uncoated), ceramic and silicon carbide textiles, graphic cloth, and silica fiber felt.


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Customized Fastener Tapes

Customized Fastener Tapes

AFM produces a variety of customized fastener tapes not offered by the OEM’s. We custom slit, skive, and laminate various fastener tapes to each customer’s specific needs. In addition, we provide vacuum outgassing of these products to meet spacecraft contamination requirements. Contact an AFM representative to discuss your particular requirements.


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